Sunday, 3 February 2013

Refusing typical requests :

Every once in while whether we are in a business environment or not we are presented with a request which we want to refuse.It depends on how your receiver will react to your refusal you select your refusal pattern ;these are Direct and Indirect patterns.

Rejecting requests for favours,money,information and action ;- while all of us like to let down the refusal gently that is why reasons-before-refusal pattern works well when you turning down the requests of  money ,favours, information etc.

Saying NO to requests from outsiders: Every big firm or business entity comes up with requests of contributions to charity often so how this requests can be turned down? many times reasons r inadequate funds and company policies. Following the Indirect method will be ideal in these situations. First the letter will be acknowledging the facts of request and also praising the good work the charity is doing and then in the second paragraph the writer explains the reasons that why our company cannot donate.So in this method the writer actually reveals the refusal without stating it .This process will make the refusal more gentle and not necessary makes it blunt in stating the denial.
for example :

Mr. Mike Peterson
Organization of Social service
Dear Mr. Peterson:

I received your letter request a donation to your organization two days ago. I was really impressed with the good work that you are doing to serve the people. I commend you for your work, but I am currently unable to donate to your cause for financial reasons.

I regret to inform you that I’m not able to help you this time, but I will keep your organization in mind should I be in a better position financially in the future. I hope that your work and success will continue.

Best Wishes,

Adam Stuards

In the above letter example the writer clearly acknowledges the work that is done by the a charity organisation but also states that due to the financial position of the company he cannot donate anything for now but also promises to do whatever he can in future when his financial condition will be stable .So this will not be blunt refusal and it also clarifies the reason and yet also wishes the organisation good luck for the things they are doing. 

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